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The Fixed Income Investor Network's Women@FIIN Committee aims to provide a ‘community within a community’ for women with investor roles in the structured finance sector. The purpose of the community is to foster senior level connections, and develop a deeper network, among women that can lead to job advancement, new opportunities, and knowledge sharing.


Our Mission Statement

Women@FIIN will seek to elevate women within FIIN and throughout the industry to promote gender parity in visibility, voice and leadership opportunities. We will support women through purposeful content and cultivate the next generation of women in finance. 


Key Mandates of the Committee:

  1. Host content that is of use for women in structured finance, content to be developed by members of the committee.
  2. Host networking events (either virtually or physically) with the express purpose of fostering new connections.
  3. Nominate women to join FIIN; serve as a resource to the Board of Directors, Committee Chairs, and Task Force Chairs seeking gender parity within  their respective groups.
  4. Nominate women to serve as speakers and contributors of content to FIIN events and editorial pieces.
  5. Serve as role models and mentors for the next generation of women to encourage them to choose finance as a career.


molly whitehousewebsite resized.jpgTo promote female leadership and to create new connections and ideas that span the structured finance industry
Molly Whitehouse, Portfolio Manager, Newmarket Capital

16 OLGA CHERNOVATo encourage women to help each other, to build a powerful network. ” 
Olga Chernova, Chief Investment Officer, Sancus Capital Management


Laila Kollmorgen website resized.jpgTo create a network to help each other further careers, and ensure fair compensation…to serve as role models to recruit the next generation of female leaders in finance.” 
Laila Kollmorgan, Managing Director, Pinebridge Investments

Amy Hauter website resized.jpgAmy Hauter, Portfolio Manager and Head of Sustainable Fixed Income Investing, Brown Advisory

Dana Leventhal Website resizeTo strengthen the connectivity between buy side and sell side female networks in the US and Europe to encourage broader development opportunities within our marketplace
Dana Leventhal, Managing Director, Nomura

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