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Background & Mission Statement

The Fixed Income Investor Network (FIIN) was nominally formed in September 2018. The concept of FIIN was derived from IMN’s ABS East Advisory Board of Investors tasked annually to program the event’s content. This Advisory Board recognized the need and valuable contribution that an investor-based association could bring to the broader Structured Finance marketplace, and thus, FIIN was conceived. Other industry associations represent broader market participant interests and have a comparatively small investor membership. As the only investor-oriented association, FIIN has a unique opportunity to increase discourse and promote efficient and transparent capital flow.

Mission Statement

The Fixed Income Investor Network was formed with the sole purpose of serving as an investor-led coalition in the structured finance markets, committed to providing investors with:

  1. Networking channels to collaborate and connect
  2. Educational forums and platforms in which to
    learn and share opinions
  3. Advocacy through the realms of research and knowledge on important concepts
    and developments

With a means of promoting a well-functioning structured finance marketplace by providing investors with a platform to share their voice with all participants in such marketplace; a platform from which to lead investors to consensus on important issues within structured finance and where appropriate, advocate on behalf of that consensus. The ultimate aim of FIIN and its members is to enable fixed income institutional investors and asset owners the ability to promote a healthy marketplace that facilitates innovations, transparency and liquidity while minimizing market friction.


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