Task Forces Kick into Action      

The Fixed Income Investor Networks’ Task Forces have been hard at work this month, with many convening for the first time since official appointments were made; the asset-class specific groups have been charged with identifying ‘hot topics’ which they will relay to The Editorial Review Committee (ERC) headed by Vince Fiorillo as well as Ann Rutledge’s Education Committee (EC).


The Editorial Review Committee will highlight the efforts of each Task Force through either, specifically written papers and position pieces or, through the medium of webinars. The overarching goal is to unfold the pressing issues investors are currently facing and for FIIN to provide a platform for the collective membership to voice its concerns surrounding these ‘hot topics’ and identify specific areas for improvement.

Working with the ERC, the Education Committee will take the various identified points of interest and formulate webinars for not only the FIIN members but the industry at large. The aim is to shine a light on some of the inequalities investors face but framed in a setting that enables broader industry participants to learn utilizing case studies and other materials. FIIN is in the process of creating such online webinars, watch this space!